Rose Quartz Sapphire Silver Earrings


Rose Quartz and Sapphire Earrings in Sterling Silver.

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Rose Quartz Sapphire Silver Earrings

Rose Quartz Sapphire Silver Earrings –┬áThese elegant earrings are handmade from scratch by hand sawing two round and two oval shaped cut outs from a sturdy sterling silver sheet. These cut outs were then hand filed and shaped. For the rose quartz part of the earrings a decorative bezel was soldered on to the round silver cut outs. For the dangling oval part of the earrings a simple and classic bezel has been soldered onto the silver sheet cut out. This entire piece comes hanging on sturdy sterling silver earwires and has been hand polished to a high shine. In the last rose quartz cabochons were mounted on the round bezels and sapphires were neatly set inside the oval bezels. Rose quartz have a beautiful rosy color to it which will be an instant hit with all the ladies.Rose cut sapphires used for this pair of earrings are very high quality and have a great deep blue color. Both the sapphire cabochons are not identical in shape and that is giving an asymmetrical look to the earrings. These earrings are a perfect ooak statement piece which can never go wrong with women and any occasion. These will be best suited as special gifts for anniversary, birthdays and weddings.

For any reason, if you are not satisfied/convinced enough with the displayed pictures and would like to see more pictures then do feel free to ask.

Some visible spots, lines, inclusions, color difference are a part of natural semi precious gemstones, so should not be confused with damage.

Please take note of the actual dimensions mentioned in the detail product description and also in the last picture.Some visible spots, lines and inclusions are a part of natural semi precious gemstones, so should not be confused with damage.

Pictures have been zoomed to show the details of the product and are not reflective of the actual size.Pictures were taken in broad day light, colors may vary slightly from seen in pictures.

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Rose quartz – 14 mm, Rose quartz bezel – 18 mm (with out loop), Sapphire – 19 x 8 mm approx, Sapphire bezel – 20 x 10 mm (with out loop), Total earring length – 50 mm approx


Gemstone – Rose Quartz (natural gemstone), Color – Light Pink/Baby pink/pale pink, Shape – Smooth round cabochon, Gemstone – Sapphire (natural gemstone), Color – sapphire/dark blue with some yellowish tints, Shape – Organic oval, Metal – Sterling Silver

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