Jewellery Care

Learn How to Take Care of Your Favourite Jewellery with Saruchi R Jewellery

It takes considerable time and effort to intricately design every piece of jewellery we create here at Saruchi R Jewellery. To maintain its luster, and make it last longer, it is imperative that you subject it to proper care. These simple tips can help maintain your jewellery.

Solid Karat Gold
• Easiest way of cleaning solid gold jewellery is by using regular dish detergent and a soft bristle toothbrush. Simply soak the piece (without gemstones only) in warm soapy water for 15 minutes and then rinse it. Use soft bristle toothbrush for hard to reach places. Do not use this method for any soft gemstones as this might cause damage to the setting, colour and structure of the gemstone.
• Do not use any non reputable and abrasive cleaning compound for solid karat jewelry like toothpaste etc.
• Store your gold jewellery in velvet lined boxes or some soft fabric pouches so that the metal and gemstone do not get scratches from hard surface.

Gold Filled
• Gold filled jewellery is cared for in the same manner as other precious jewellery. One can clean their gold filled jewellery regularly using a little bit of warm water, and a soft cloth to dry and shine after. The best method is to never use any cleaning method which involves scrubbing for gold filled jewellery as chemicals and friction may cause damage to the layer of gold over the base metal. Also, avoid using any marketed chemicals for jewellery and just simply use the jeweller’s polishing cloth.
• Try to keep your gold filled jewellery in separate trays or pouches so it will not be scratched.

• One of the best way to keep your silver shiny is to wear it more. The more you wear your silver, less tarnished it be.
• When you are not wearing your silver jewellery make sure you store it in an airtight ziploc bag as it helps in slowing down the tarnishing process.
• If your wear silver jewellery which has been specially oxidized or has patina on it then DO NOT use a polishing cloth, silver cleaner, etc. If you use any of the silver shining products you will end up losing the oxidized look for your jewellery.
• To give some shine and fresh look to your silver jewellery put a very small amount of dish soap and water on an old toothbrush and brush gently. One can also use fluoride toothpaste (not the gel type) for cleaning silver jewellery but scrubbing with tooth brush should be very light and minimal. Also, remember to be extremely careful and gentle near the pearls and gemstones. If your jewellery has pearls or gemstones it is best to shine it up by using a jewellers polishing cloth which comes with most of our jewellery pieces or else is easily available in the market.

Gemstones & Pearls
• DO NOT use ultra-sonic cleaning machines for any type of gemstone & pearl jewellery.
• Genuine or cultured pearls are relatively easy to care for. Wipe them with a damp cloth, dry, then wipe gently with a soft cloth.
• Do not wear/keep natural gemstone jewellery near fire or excessive heat.
• All porous gemstones like Emeralds, Turquoise, Amber, Pearls, Opals, Chalcedony, Agate, Onyx should be kept away from dirty water, oils, chemicals, cosmetics and abrasive cleaning agents. Particular substances to protect your gems from include household chemicals – even those as mild as washing up liquid – cosmetic products such as sunscreen and hairspray, as well as hand lotions and face creams.
• Soaking in warm water can damage porous gemstones, as residues left behind once the water has been absorbed builds up leaving them dull and lacking their original shine. When such stones are dampened, they should always be allowed to dry completely before being stored away.

General Tips

• To maintain the beauty of any type of jewellery one should avoid wearing them in salt water and chlorine water (swimming pools).
• Your jewellery should be the last item you put on after your makeup and lotion.
• Apply perfume and hairspray at least 5 minutes before putting jewellery on.
• Remove jewellery before going to bed.
• Remove jewellery before showering.
• Do not use harsh household chemicals while wearing rings.